REVIEW- Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit

O-M-GEE I THINK I’M IN LOVE. With this palette. I love it.


I picked this up in Boots just after Christmas and just put it in my draw to try when I wasn’t interested in looking nice. Why you ask? Because I thought it would be a rubbish dupe of much higher end contour kits and would make me look awful. How wrong was I???

This product retails at £5.99 and is in a lovely case which doesn’t feel like its going to break. It also contains a great mirror which is perfect for your handbag. It comes in shades fair and medium. I went for medium as although I still am quite light, I do have yellow/olive undertones and the colours suit me beautifully. But saying that, do use the testers and find out which one will suit you.  If like me you prefer powder contour to crème contour, then this is for you.




The textures are really soft and not at all flaky. I use a ELF small tapered brush to apply the light colour and I use the Spectrum Collections Flawless Finish Tulip Brush to apply the darker colour. This brush to amazing for contouring your face, not too small and not too large and you can read more about this by clicking here. They are super affordable for the quality you get and they are amazeballs!  Now back to the contour kit, you get a handy guide if your not quite sure what you’re doing. I do recommend Googling your face shape to find out what is best for you but this guide is pretty standard for most faces and it works for my round face. You can do step 3 before step 2, which is what I do as I find it blends better.


So this is me with foundation and powder (I have really oily skin so I’d recommend adding a powder first if you’re like me)….


And this is me after applying both the light shade and the dark shade….


SO MUCH BETTER! I personally think it looks like I’ve stuck the first photo into some kind of filter to give me a subtle glow and contour… but I haven’t! It looks like I have some life into my face and it was super easy. For £5.99, I can’t recommend this enough and I won’t be buying a contour kit.

As mentioned, I purchased this from Boots instore, but check it out here. But for now, I leave you with a photo of the finish look… filter free, just some good/flattering light!




ALERT!! £1 Calvin Klein Crème Eyeshadows

So… I’ve been a bit quiet lately and haven’t been blogging. Well I’ve been ill and haven’t had the energy to blog. I’m still not great but I’m getting better. AND IM BACK IN BUSINESS. With loads of goodies to blog about but I had to show these as I don’t think they will be around long. followed me on Instagram and I am the world biggest cheapskate so I had a little browse and they had these little beauties.


I am really into crème eyeshadows at the moment as they are great on their own and as a base for makeup. They help to really bring out the colours in your eyeshadow too. They are available at but be quick!! There are six colours… I forgot to add the silver shade to by basket (doh!). There’s also loads of other bits that I wish I had got too such as some Look beauty palettes.

I haven’t worn these shades yet  but as time is of the essence if you are interested! I’ll run through the shades and show the swatches for you to decide if you would like any. By the way, they have some really odd names such as gold velvet for a purple shade?? odd but I’m sure not going to cry about it!


Retro Bronze

Retro Bronze

The picture doesn’t appear as dark as it looks in the flesh but is a beautiful copper colour that has lots of pigment. One swipe offers decent amount of colour and is buildable and blendable.


Sheer Nectar

Sheer NectarThis shade is a dark shimmer brown. I can’t wait to use this to create deep dark brown eyes on a night out. I believe this would be a great crease shade too.


Cashmere Plum

Cashmere Plum

Cashmere Plum and its a dolly pink color? Ok Calvin Klein I understand exactly what you did there :S Its a really pretty pink and will be great for spring/summer.


Gold Velvet

Gold VelvetThis is my least favourite of the shades and I am not sure I will use this. The colour isn’t anything special and swabs very sheer and needs a lot of building up.


Bare Silk

Bare Silk

I love this colour. I haven’t seen a shade like this before so I was very excitable! The texture is a lot different for all the others and its really creamy. This would be a great brow bone highlighter if blended in properly.



From left to right- Retro Bronze, Sheer Nectar, Gold Velvet, Cashmere Plum and Bare Silk

I can’t wait to use these and hope I don’t lead you to spend too much. I paid £3 for postage but they do offer different options depending on how much you spend. And don’t add too many cheap sweets to your basket!!!

HAUL- MUA £1 Matte Lipstick REVIEW

Hi Everyone!

So I am really enjoying the blogging world. Its great to read everyone’s reviews and absolutely no negativity! I spent some of the day looking at other blogs and some of you have made me very jealous! I don’t think my boyfriend will be buying me the Anastasia Beverly Hill Contour Palette anytime soon when he sees the price tag!!

Anyway so I promised that my blog will include cheap and cheerful items and I don’t think I am going to get much cheaper than £1 matte lipstick from Makeup Academy… MUA to me and you! The matte lipstick trend is seriously taking over the world due to a certain Kylie Jenner but many of you, like me, will have been doing matte lips for a long time (that’s because we are the best).


IMG_7302 2

The matte range contain seven various shades that will appeal to all skin tones and preferences. I can’t say what works for me, will work for you but at least the post will give you a chance to look at the colour options and finishes. I purchased these particular ones from or you can have a look at the full range at


From left to right- Wild Berry, Scarlet Siren, Lilac Belle, Pouty Pink, Peachy Keen, Fawn Fancy and Totally Nude


As you can see from the photos Wild Berry isn’t as pigmented as you might of hoped. The initial swatches looked great though and I was excited to try them. I’ll just add that I did not use any liner so you can get an idea of the true shade.


I was really excited to try Wild Berry, as dark berry shades are in right now. Saying that, this shade I was most disappointed with. It still looks lovely but its far from pigmented enough. You can’t tell from the picture but it was more moisturising than matte. For a £1 its ok but if I paid full whack for this I would be so disappointed!



I have tried this before with liner and it is amazing for its pigmentation and lasting power. The swatch doesn’t look like it would be pigmented but you can easily build it up for a bright red shade. One of my favourites.



I’ve never owned a lilac shade before so I was really excited to see what this would look like and to suit if it would suit me. Well I can say the shade it very versatile and my favourite shade of the lot. Its matte texture was perfect and moisturising.



I can’t wait to wear this shade in the spring/summer. It wasn’t too pink (aka 80’s Essex pink) and is perfect for a colour pick me up.


peachykeenThe shade reminded me of MAC Ravishing which I lost (sad face). Perfect summer shade and nice matte finish.


Fawn Fancy

Now for the nudes! This was the darker shade of the nudes and a nearly a dupe for Mac Velvet Teddy if it was more pigmented. Maybe if you added a liner underneath it would look like it?? Anyway I really liked this shade as it was not to harsh for my colourings.

Totally Nude

Now this shade was really nude, hence the name 😉 It was well and truly matte and it really complimented my face. Nudes this light can wash me out but this was perfect. It will be safely staying in my makeup.


I’ll just like to add that although the Kylie Jenner lip is all the rage at the moment and we know what shades she wears, MAC Whirl and Soar lip liner and MAC Velvet Teddy will work her but not necessarily for you. Work with different nude shades and see what happens. Use the same techniques she does and you’ll be onto a winner!

Let me know if you have ever used these shades and what lip liners they have been paired with.  I really enjoyed all these shades and hope this post helps you pick one, if not all!

Boots Seventeen Phwoarr Paint REVIEW



So I’ve been looking for a decent under eye concealer for a while. And I know exactly where I can go to get one but I’m not about to pay top dollar for Bobbi Brown or MAC in this instance…

So a trip to Bluewater and a long, I mean LONG, look at the makeup section made me come across this little beauty. Let me start of my staying that I do not have heavy/dark under eyes but I do wish to re-create Kim K’s highlighting magic.

This concealer comes in at £5.49 and compared to its higher end competitors this is a bargain and a half. I actually got it in an offer with another product that I’ll be reviewing later at 2 for £8. It comes in two shades Fair and Medium. I picked up Fair as although I’m not the palest person ever, I definitely do not want to be using Medium under my eyes. MAC lovers I’m NC25 for reference. The concealer should be available at any boots store but it can be purchased by clicking here and you can also read a little more about it. There’s also a helpful video on applying it.

I started off my L’Oreal True Match Foundation in W3 and concealed my spots with Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Medium Cool (2). Here’s a lovely photo of me before the concealer :/


Urgh! But needs must and there’s no other way to prove this works! So although I have my base my face looks (and felt) a little tired. So heres where the concealer comes in. I’ve applied under my eye, along the bridge of my nose and on my brow using a Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush….


TA DAH… well personally I still wouldn’t just go out like this but as you can see I now look more awake and my face doesn’t look as flat. The texture of the concealer went on really nicely and blended in well with my foundation without too much effort. To be honest, I struggled looking for a use for my Deluxe Crease Brush and wondered why people went on about it but now I know!! It is meant for these types of concealers!

I finished off with Rimmel Stay Matte powder in Translucent to set the concealer. A tip that I’ve learnt is to use a translucent powder rather than a shade labelled Light or something similar because it will alter the colour of your highlighting and what would be the point in all that time and effort? That’s unless your powder matches and your happy with it but its just a suggestion from me to you 🙂

Will I re-purchase this product? Yes I would but if another high street competitor launched a similar product I would like to try it as this is the only concealer of it type I’ve tried so far. Anyway… I’ll leave you with a photo of my finished makeup!


Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette REVIEW


Ok… so I finally gave in and brought a Naked Palette. I decided that I was only going to buy one so I chose hard and walked out of House of Fraser with the Naked2 Palette.

When I first had a proper look at the palette I found it to be quite bulky and heavy but I find this a plus point. I want my eye shadows to be protected if I am going to spend this much!! Compared to the dupes such as W7 In the Buff (which I do love!), it feels expensive and I want to whip it out and show it off. I believe it would also survive a battering in my handbag, but this is FAR to good for that!!

Colour wise, I wish it had more mattes but the mattes it does have is more than satisfying and makes up for it. Some people find that shimmer isn’t great for daytime looks but taking on the motto less it more, shimmer is perfectly fine for daytime and for work and this palette definitely goes the extra mile to cover both day and night time looks.


Foxy- Matte beige

Half Baked- Golden shimmer

Bootycall- Pink toned shimmer, I used as a highlighter

Chopper- Reddish  copper gold metallic

Tease- Matte taupe

Snakebite-Dark brown shimmer

IMG_7113Suspect- Champagne  shimmer

Pistol- Steel shimmer

Verve- Pink/champagne shimmer

YDK- Metallic taupe with pinkundertones

Busted- Plum shimmer

Blackout- The blackest matte eyeshadow EVER!

As you can see the colours are very versatile and can be adapted for any look. What I also love about this palette is that you could use for work or a day time look, add a little of the metallic colours and more of the black and Bingo! You have a evening look! My personal favourite colours are Foxy, Bootycall, Tease and Pistol.  Tease is the perfect crease colour… for me anyway! Bootycall is one that I will use everyday as a brow bone and tear duct highlighter. It wasn’t too strong but gave my eye colour a nice pop.

IMG_7174 (2)

Here I have used the colours I mentioned above. I would use this as a daytime look for work as its not too much and there’s shimmer!! I will admit that I tried to use the brush that came with it but it didn’t get along with it. It just felt a little scratchy to me but it would be perfect for quick touch ups.

Once I’ve had a proper play with the colours, I’ll update!!

Hello- Hi- Welcome


Like millions of other girls across the world, my enduring boyfriend has had to listen to me drone on about makeup.  I seriously thought he might be interested that I managed to get hold of Velvet Teddy after months of waiting… Needless to say,it was probably a good idea that I started a blog even if it meant not annoying my partner anymore.

So, a bit about me…

  • I taught myself how to apply makeup via Pixiwoo on Youtube (The average make up lovers idols)
  • I have annoying greasy skin… so much so that it is my life mission to find something to stop this OIL!!!!
  • Lunchtimes at work normally consist of putting smears of lipstick all over my hands and going back to my desk with bright red hands
  • And the rest is boring and most likely clichè so i’ll add as I go along

This blog will be my outlet to tell everyone how excited I am about new products- high end and highstreet. Everyone loves a little luxury but lets be realistic here!

Enjoy and bear me with!